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pghveg's Journal

Pittsburgh Vegetarians and Vegans
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This is a community to discuss things related to vegetarianism and veganism that take place in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas.

Suggested topics:
- restaurant reviews
- stores that sell vegan or vegetarian items/food
- events
- issues and politics
- picnics
- meeting other vegetarians and vegans in the Pittsburgh area

Links (listed alphabetically):
Abay Ethiopian Cuisine

E House Company

The East End Food Co-op

Maggie's Mercantile Café

Milky Way

The Pittsburgh Vegan Meetup Group

Pittsburgh Vegetarian Travel Guide

The Quiet Storm

Veg Guide

Whole Foods Market

The Zenith

Got any other vegan/vegetarian links you'd like to share? please email me at hopita at aol dot com and I will be sure to add it to the information!