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Petland Update

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Aug. 22nd, 2008 | 02:18 pm
posted by: hopita in pghveg

x-posted from a friend's journal:

Our mission went off without a hitch and some prime intel has been gained. I can now say definitively that at least one puppy at Petland was bred by a puppy mill. Think that's the only one? Yeah, I don't either. Here's how it went down:

• Dave posed as someone interested in buying a puppy for his nephew's birthday. There was of course no questions asked by the staff, even though that scenario is a bad bad idea and nothing that would ever fly at a reputable breed, rescue or shelter.

• He said just on eyeballing the pups, they all seemed healthy (I told him to look for runny eyes or runny poop in cages) and their cages were clean.

• They give a $100 discount certificate for spay/neuter for the Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic and I can not tell you how disappointed I am in them. I'm sure it's justified as "well at least hopefully people will s/n if they have a coupon" but way to enable, PBVC. Blargh. I'm now glad times ten that I switched from them to East End Vet this year.

And on to the puppies. Dave looked at two (and said when he got home our dogs were completely batshit insane all over him from the smell).

A basset hound (aawwwwwww basset puppy!)
Selling for (hold on to your butt) $879. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can not even believe people pay that! Seriously caveat emptor like woah, folks.
The breeder is in Missouri which is a major puppy mill flag. Missouri is known far and wide for its mills.
Barry Postlewait, a USDA A-Cert Holder, which means almost definitely a large-scale breeder. Small scale hobby breeders do not need USDA certification. USDA certification is only for people who deal in wholesale animals.

Puppy #2
A schnoodle (poodle/schnauzer mix)
Selling for (no really, are you still holding your butt?) $999 A THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A MIXED BREED DOG, PEOPLE!
Another Missouri breeder, and this time one that's already been publicly cited for violations.

--Clinton and Marlene Michel, Ironbridge Road Farm, Long Lane, Missouri--

May 16, 2007: "The physical count during the inspection was 189 and the 7005 count is 152. Need to keep and maintain the 7005 to accurately reflect the correct number of canines used in the facility."

May 16, 2007: "Sheltered housing facilities: The wooden boxes attached to the hutch style enclosures in the barn approx. 32. The canines have scratched the paint of the wood and exposed raw wood showing. Need to make all surfaces impervious to moisture that the animals have contact with..Item affects 79 canines.

Info from petstorecruelty.org

So, I think it's safe to say that the puppies at that Petland are coming from puppy mills. I know, duh, but so many people were so loath to say boo about that store because there was no proof. Well, now there is, so suck it.

ETA: The Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic can be contacted here.

Here's what I said to them:

I recently learned that the new Petland in East Liberty gives a $100 discount certificate for spay/neuter for the Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic. Is this true? If so, I'm incredibly disappointed in you. Yes, it is good to encourage people to spay and neuter their new pets, but enabling Petland is a deal with the Devil. Petland is *notorious* for selling puppies from puppy mills, and associating your clinic with an organization that financially supports animal cruelty is a terrible endorsement for Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic to make.

For more information:

And, for the record, I've been a longtime client at PBVC.

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